Imagine you have a service responsible for returning search results and you want to use this service in your APIs, Admin area, and Homepage but you want to replace blank spaces with a dash in API response (or other changes) and not in another part of your application.

We gonna…

Tips for PHP developers to write shorter and high-performance code


I’ve frequently seen developers make a common mistake in ‘for’ loops in their PHP projects. As an example:

At the first glimpse, this code looks ok, but there is an issue with the performance! …

I’m sharing my experience with a task assigned to me one year ago. It was a new feature in our system and I was responsible to finish it bug-free and in a short time.

The product owner had asked me to create a page to generate discount coupons (random string…

Amir Etemad

Backend Developer, Flexitarian, Technology enthusiast

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